Security and Policy


Privacy and Security


Here at ATOE’ our number 1 priority is to make our customers feel comfortable, and for them to know we respect their right to privacy and promise never to rent, sell or trade your name, email address or any information we have about you to another company.


All mail shipped in discrete packaging with "ATOE" (A Touch Of Elegance) as the return address.

Products subject to the policy: Our policies are subject to any product which is designed for use in sexual activities or that contains explicit images, titles, or any other content intended to sexually arouse. These products usually display or imply sexual activity in their product description or product images; and unlike sexually explicit artistic or scientific products, these products are intended to only promote or enhance sexual activity. Since these products are not suitable for children or sensitive audiences, the product listing will be restricted on our website. Sexually suggestive products are acceptable for sale with restrictions as long as they do not exploit minors, promote non-consensual sex acts, or violate local, state or federal laws.

Products in this category include but are not limited to products such as, dildos, vibrators, sexual enhancement supplements, constriction loop, ring, male masturbators, bondage gear, fetish wear, anal sex toys, sex furniture, sexy lingerie, and adult-oriented toys and games.