About Us


About Us:

ATOE’ is an Erotic Adult Entertainment Company that provide an array of services to help entertain our future clients. Our services include Pampering Parties, Live Sex Toy Demonstrations, Video Blogs, Online Adult Store, Adult Work Shops & Classes, Private Sex Toy Parties with a twist & More…

ATOE’ also offers a way for you to host your own party and earn extra cash and bonuses. By joining our team and becoming an ATOE’ Progeny you will not be disappointed. Being able to work from home, increase your income, work your own hours and actually enjoy work is just the beginning of all the benefits of joining us. Becoming an ATOE' Progeny Consultant, you will reach every aspect of our future client’s fantasies, dreams, needs and wants. We are taking adult sex toy industry to a whole new level of entertainment. Here at ATOE’ we aim to make our customers feel relaxed, comfortable, at ease and decisive in making the perfect choice for their needs. Our erotic toys will be excellent in quality, user friendly, video blog ready with live demonstrations, sexy, colorful, waterproof and much more. We Guarantee that your sexual, visual and personal experience at ATOE’ will be one like no other. You only live once, so why not find a way to keep a smile on your face and allow your sexual senses to be amused and entertained in a way otherwise unimaginable. 


Our Philosophy:

We are here to provide a professional, unique, and sensual service that exceeds your wildest dreams. 
We offer top of the line services with a taste of elegance and class. 
Our pampering specialist will take you to the next level of adult entertainment. 
Allow ATOE’ to fulfill all your intimate fantasies and your pampering needs.

ATOE’ is here to discreetly fulfill everyone’s intimate needs from Business Professionals to the stay at home moms and even catering to the LGBT lifestyles. We at ATOE’ will provide the knowledge as well as the utensils needed that can and will bring excitement to anyone’s sex life. From the inexperienced partner who wants to satisfy his or her companion sexual needs or to anyone who simply wants to learn a couple more tricks in the world of Adult Intimacy.



About ATOE’ Parties…

 ATOE' Parties are awesome way to get your girls, guys, or couples together and enjoy a fun night full of excitement and entertainment, only to take the fun home with you when you leave. You can have more than one reason to gather with family and friends other than of birthdays and holidays… now there are more and more reasons to invite everyone over to celebrate A new way to enjoy life with ATOE' Parties. These are just a few ideas to gather for a night of unadulterated fun, excitement, and sex education. So if you have a reason to celebrate or if you need one… let us here at ATOE' know. We will find an ATOE' Consultant in your area with all of the tools to make your night one that will not be forgotten. ATOE' Themed Parties is a great way to add additional excitement to your Party. You can choose from one of our suggested party themes below, or get creative and make your own.

ATOE’ also host our own parties every month with different themes and our newest/ latest products. Our parties have live demonstrations, food, alcohol beverages, Adult Entertainment, raffles, games, ATOE’ Progeny Dancers, and so much more. Join us once a month to experience “The ultimate erotic adult toy party” like no other. Tickets are limited so make sure to get yours early and check our website and newsletters every month for party details. www.pleasuremesextoys.com


What is a ATOE’ Progeny:

ATOE’ progeny is a someone that represents ATOE’ in some shape way form or fashion. These progenies are ATOE’ family, seed, offspring and we are their maker (meaning branding them into a touch of elegance) we have natured our Progenies to discretely cater to the needs of our clients and future clients. ATOE’ Progenies under go an intense training that teaches them how to serve and fit our clients needs, wants, pleasure, dreams, & desires. So when u leave ATOE’ you’ll feel like you’ve been showered with an elegant touch. Our ATOE’ Progenies will leave our clients feeling