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What Brings you Pleasure???

Hello to my ATOE' readers. I hope everyone is well. Well today i wanted to focus on a topic that we seem to talk about at a lot of our parties. That subject is what brings you pleasure!??

I love this topic because i can't express how important it is to know what brings your partner pleasure. Today we are going to hit subjects like.

What is the definition of pleasure
Why is it important to know what brings your partner pleasure
What are some pleasure spots
How to know if your partner is satisfied
How to pleasure your partner
Whats the Definition of pleasure? A feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.

"she smiled with pleasure at being happy"
synonyms: happiness, delight, joy, gladness, glee, satisfaction, gratification,contentment, enjoyment, amusement
"she smiled with pleasure"
This journey should always be used in a great way. Enjoyable, a delight of pleasure from him or her.

Why is it important to know what brings your partner pleasure?

It's your responsibility to bring sexual enjoyment to your significant other sexual life. Yes, thats right your significant other sexual enjoyment is your responsibility. Of course he or she plays a role, But remember your communication, intentions, techniques, and interactions will have a significant impact on his or her sexual pleasure. Lets touch basis on each of these subjects.

Communication: This has to be the most important part of any relationship communication is always the key. In any relationship you should always communicate your needs, wants, and desires. How else can you ever meet your partners highest potential of his or her sexual desire. Understand this, on your end if your not quit sure what exactly turns your partner on or what pleases him or her there is noting wrong with asking or communicating just that. How else will you know without guessing? No need to guess just communicate it. Now on your partners end its for he or she to also communicate when not satisfied or pleased. I feel at the start of any relationship getting to know one another is important, this way you can communicate all your likes and dislikes. So when the time comes to be sexual with one another then you will know what to do or expect. Always remember, If you do not communicate about your partner sexual enjoyment then you will not achieve their highest sexual potential!

Intentions: Your intentions toward your partner is very important. When you decide to have have sexual relations you know your aiming to have a orgasm… Well your partner needs to feel the same way. When going into this you have to have your partner at heart meaning you have to make sure he or she is pleased as well and gets the same orgasm that your expecting. So always go into sex with good intentions, Makes sex better and more worth it.

Techniques: Having great intentions are perfect but having your techniques down pack makes it perfect. Your skills have to be like no others or made perfectly for that person, because everyone needs are different and there is no wrong way to please your partner. Knowing exactly where to go to hit the pleasure points of your partner, and getting his or her sexual drive or arousal going.

Interactions: This is so sexy to me.. Yes sexy interactions is the cherry on top. Your interactions are sexy because they are expressions used to let your partner know you are being pleased. The better the moan or nasty talk the better. A lot of people aren't comfortable with talking, but understand when using words to express how you feel sexual is the best feeling in the world to your partner. If your not use to talking just start off wit whispers in your partners ear letting them know how sexy they are and what you want to do to them.
What are some pleasure spots?

Pleasure spots are places on the body that brings some type of arousal to a person. These are important to know because knowing these spots make it easier to please your partner. So in this section lets name and talk about some body spots where it can lead you to an arousal / climax like no other.

Pelvis area: The pelvis area is a great way to start off with Like teasing he/she inner thighs, kissing and licking around your partners pelvis will excite them in a way you will start the process of arousal. Try to prolong the sensation by leaving the region to focus on another body part for a while to get her or him even more aroused.

Inner Thigh:Venturing in his or her inner thigh area with out venturing to their gentile area is a great pleasure spot. Try softly licking and kissing in this area , also using hands to massage the area. This is a great tease area but wait don't go all the way yet. We want to achieve our partners highest arousal peek or climax for that matter.

Earlobes: There is nothing better than having someone nibble on your ear as they whisper naughty things to you. Its something about the sensation of the ear that can send convulsions down your body when that's one of your pleasure spots. So don't be afraid of exploring the ear.

Behind the knee: Now i known this sounds a little strange but behind the knees and one of the spots that certainly turn you on and you might not even known it was was possible.This is a spot where if your giving your partner a intimate massage you should try slowly lick and kissing the back area until u start massaging the legs to only kiss, slightly suck, and lick in this area. You will find your partner more turned on then ever.

Back/ Side: This happen to be a perfect time to incorporate a couple of these pleasures together. See sitting on your partners back as you rub upon them and kiss their neck, down their spin is a great feeling of sensation. Also having your partner side kissed and licked as well is another way of pleasure, getting closer to the nipple area which will make your partner even more turned on and excited.

Neck: There is nothing better than to hug your partner and smell that awesome fragrance their wearing as you place your lips upon their neck and spontaneously caress him/her. Kissing in this area nice and slowing will bring a great deal of pleasure.

Nipples/ and chest area: Who doesn't like their nipples sucked on??? Well i have to say its one of my favorites off this long if done right i can have a orgasm alone. Yes a orgasm, its no better feeling than hang your breast sucked, licked, nibble, bit, and kissed on. Its a sensation like no other. This can be done on a man or women its satisfying to both genders.

These are just a few to name, when being pleasured there are so many ways to do so just depends on whats your needs. So don't be afraid to explore your partners needs and wants. Always remember to communicate what you want, and enjoy the ride of pleasure.

How to know if your partner is satisfied ???

Well lets see this is a a topic that is so important and some people don't even know nor care to know if he or she is even being pleased. Well we are going to discuss how to know if your pleasing your partner. The best way i think to start any relationship is communication always communicate or ask if he or she is pleased all the way around. You can also tell how your partner is interacting with you in the bedroom. His or her noises that they make, how much interacting their doing with you, even the facial expressions.

How to please your partner!!

Well as we discussed earlier in this blog there are so many different pleasure spots and that is a great place to start. Now before you start pleasing you and your partner should have had a personal discussion with one another about your likes and dislikes sexually. Once that is understood then let the pleasure games begin. The best way to start is setting the mood right. Light some candles, good music, sexy clothing, and some smell good always helps or even a nice hot bath together or you can bathe your partner. Remember what you and your partner talked about and that's the best way to and add your twist to it to make it even more memorable.

Well this brings our blog to a end I hope that we have enlighten everyone in some way. Please feel free to comment ask questions and join in with us here at ATOE'.


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